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Manager of the Year - 2014

Richard expresses great leadership skills day in and day out. His employees respect him as a leader and value the relationships that he has built with all of them. Richard is loyal and hardworking, whether it is a few hours before he starts, a few hours after he is supposed to leave, or on the weekend – all without hesitation. His employees are consistently trying to exceed his expectations on a daily basis to prove to Richard that they can complete all tasks that they are being asked of, knowing that he will show his respect and gratitude as an end result. At the 2014 Seattle Christmas Party his employees all personally gathered money to buy him a weekend getaway as a Christmas gift. When employees are willing to go out of their way to show that kind of respect to their Manager, it really shows that Richard is doing a great job. Managing a department is not an easy task and Richard is managing an entire branch. Richard has done an incredible job and we are very grateful that he has been and will continue to be a part of our family. Thanks for all you do Richard!

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