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SSA Terminals - Terminal 18: Gate #1 Truck Advisory

Dispatchers Please advise your drivers of the following:

At the times when there are high volumes of trucks arriving to Terminal 18 we have noticed trucks that are either stopping at the base of the West Seattle Bridge off ramp/lower Spokane Street area or very slow rolling towards Terminal 18 Gate #1 when they see trucks are being diverted to Gate #4. This not only prevents other trucks and through traffic from proceeding to their destinations, it creates a safety issue.

All trucks need to proceed without hesitation towards Gate #1. If for any reason security indicates for the driver to proceed to Gate #4, then they should do so safely. Please do not stop to argue with security as this only creates additional backups.

Drivers that stop/delay traffic at Gate #1 or refuse to divert to Gate 4 will be denied access to the terminal for at least one day.

Thank you for your cooperation, SSA Terminals

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