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Seattle Port Update 5/22/2020

Seattle terminals are experiencing some unique unforeseen circumstances as we all are during the COVID-19 pandemic. All aspects of the trade are adjusting to these recent changes and trying to identify the new normal, but given the unpredictability we experience on a daily/weekly/monthly basis as a supply chain provider, it is proving difficult to find a pattern. To say this is only occurring in the Pacific Northwest would be inaccurate, other major seaports are experiencing these same ripple effects but on a much grander scale. Void sailings and extreme volume fluctuation in each direction, has been difficult for the terminals to make strategic plans with. Multiple terminals are cutting back on hours and/or simply closing on business days (some more than others), which is only bottle necking and compacting the problem. When large terminals shut down, it forces all congestion to the open terminals therefore stifling the process. These drastic fluctuations are having an impact on service times and predictability when staffing drivers, laborers, equipment and financial budgeting. Terminal Transfer is doing all we can when running a skeleton crew to meet the demands of the COVID-19 restrictions and regulations. As essential employees throughout the duration of the first ever national pandemic shutdown, we are asking for flexibility and understanding at this time while we navigate the waters of shipping in the international realm. Rates may be impacted when unpredictable expenses occur.

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