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Mountainwest Repot Gate Reports Friday 9/25/20

Mountainwest Repot Gate Reports - Friday 9/25

Empty Returns:

Please note it is imperative empties are returned the SAME DAY empty rail billing is requested. If you request empty rail billing and do not return for any reason, you MUST request cancellation of empty rail billing.

The attached Daily Gate Status Report can now be found on our website:

  • Please check the attached spreadsheet for empty return locations.

  • Empy rail billing requests should be sent only to SLCEQM @OOCL.COM. Please do not request billing unless the import load has been out-gated and the container is ready to be returned to the rail on the day of the request or the next day at the latest. Once OOCL has replied to your email, please allow up to 2 hours for rail billing to be processed.

  • Please send your emails to SLCEQM@OOCL.COM to on-hire at OICT/T18/T30/PCT only if you have an issue at the gate. OOCL containers have been updated to SSA Oakland, SSA T18 and SSA T30 systems.

  • Please note the additional hours offered by NWSA terminals. Schedule will be updated weekly.

  • Effective Monday, January 21st, equipment and ops requests for SLC, DEN, PDX, TCM, OAK, SEA must be sent to SLCEQM@OOCL.COM. Please make a note for future reference.


Please be advised that OOCL is currently leasing equipment to COSCO. This includes container prefixes with OOLU and OOCU. We have recently noticed multiple issues with truckers returning OOCL containers under the incorrect shipping line. Please note it is the responsibility of the Depot and Trucker to ensure empty equipment is in gating correctly. If in doubt please use

for verification.

All OOLU and OOCU containers will pull up as valid on our website. The determining factor is the container’s LATEST EVENT LOCATION and DATE. If LATEST EVENT LOCATION is outside North America please contact OOCL for further instruction. Container is approved for OOCL if LATEST EVENT LOCATION is within North America with a current event date.

We appreciate your attention to this matter.

OOCL reminds all our users of our online rail billing portal for LADEN containers; if there is a problem with completing rail billing, please only contact Please refrain from contacting any other party as it will delay our response to you. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind our partners to check with the rail carrier to confirm rail billing is in place prior to shipment delivery. Failure to do so may result in delays for your driver while at the ramp.

Off Hires:

Do not use the check digit when searching. If the empty container is on the list but has no facility address listed, please e-mail When searching for container, DO NOT include the check digit.

If empty container is on the spreadsheet, the container must be delivered to the specific location. If the empty container is on the list but has no exception return facility location address, you must e-mail for immediate assistance.

OICT/B58 Reefer release:

  • Truckers are required to advise the terminal of reefer temp and vents settings. Driver needs to report to the genset line and provide this info to the reefer mechanic. The reefer mechanic will then set the temp and vents accordingly. It is the driver’s responsibility to know exact temp and vents, otherwise terminal will not set.

  • OOCL reefers are stored on both East and West sides of the terminal. Depending on current supply, inventory may be low on one side or the other. If a trucker is advised by a yard clerk that reefers are unavailable please advise them to check the opposite side of terminal.

  • For reefer bookings designated as ‘temp sensitive” (lower temp of -24C or more), trucker needs to state when picking up at SSA “Need contr 5 years or newer’. SSA will not give out newer containers unless trucker states they need one.

Free Time:

Standard empty release time:

Dry: 5 working days before cutoff.

Reefer: 2 calendar days before cutoff.

M&R Contact Info:

  • OOCL After Hours M&R Contact Information:

For after hours maintenance/repair of reefers/containers, please contact / 732-657-7200.

Please provide:

· Reefer/ Container Number

· Genset Number

· Load or Empty

· Issue

· Alarms

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