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Husky Terminal Gate Notice - Lot F Gate will go Live Monday 11/16

Beginning Monday, 11/16 Husky Terminal Lot F Gate will go LIVE.

  • ALL truck transactions will be done in Lot F.

  • Drivers will line up as they have been, to the STOP BAR and then proceed in a SELF-POLICED, FIRST COME BASIS as the area clears.

  • Proceed across one of the three floating scales and into whatever line is shortest. There are NO designated lanes.

  • If a TROUBLE TICKET is issued, proceed to the trouble parking area in Lot F in front of pedestals (please see map – signage will be in place). Trouble phones are located in Lot F at the end of the trouble parking area.

  • There will be NO CLERK releasing the trucks. Once your transaction is completed and you have a ticket - proceed left onto Maxwell Way, right onto Thorne Road, right on 11th Street and into ANY open inbound lane to TWIC Check.

  • Once TWIC Check is completed, driver will continue to location notated on the ticket. Driver MUST obey all traffic signs!

  • Hazardous Loads go through Lot F. Ticket issued will say to proceed to canopy. (Canopy is by the Terminal trouble window)

  • Oversize loads, as previously handled , will bypass Lot F, go to the auto gate by security.

If your driver will be early/late for an appointment, please contact us at We will review and advise. “HOLDING FOR APPOINTMENT” in Lot F is NOT permitted.

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