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Remembering Laura On Her 60th Birthday

As many of you may know, Laura Ogden was a vital part of Terminal Transfer's foundation. Her impact on the Transportation and Warehousing Industry in the Pacific Northwest is unmatched. Laura's blood, sweat and tears went in to building Terminal Transfer to what we have become today. Many of us here learned all we know from her and are blessed to carry out her legacy. Laura stood for hard work, integrity and would hold others accountable when they did not do the same. We lost Laura to breast cancer back in 2013, she has forever left an imprint on our hearts. I think she would stand proud seeing how far Terminal Transfer has come. Her loved ones left behind have fought hard to fulfill the vision she had in mind for us. Laura, we think of you every day and not a day goes by we don't wish you were still with us. Our memories, laughs and lessons are what remain to hold onto and hope we have made you proud of what Terminal Transfer has become. Thank you for all you sacrificed during your lifetime, your legacy will forever be remembered.

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