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Halloween 2015

We had a great group of participants this year for our Annual Costume Contest. This year was not required per department but everybody was allowed to make their own groups.

Our Corporate team with our PDX Dispatcher 'Sensei'

Our Accounts team representing our wide variety of customers!

Our Seattle Imports team bringing their Video Games to life!

Our Seattle Dispatch team brought their shells to work!

A Jester came to visit Seattle!

Our Seattle warehouse as Temps and Burglars!

Members of our Portland Imports, Rates, and Warehouse joined together to bring Alice in Wonderland up from the Grave!

Rochelle came as Rosie the Riveter to help judge the contest!

It was a difficult choice for our judges, but this years Best of Group Costume award went to the Dead Alice in Wonderland group!

Thank you everyone who participated and a Happy Halloween to all!

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