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TERMINAL 30 Reached Max Capacity in Empty Yard 8/4


Terminal 30 Reached Max Capacity in Empty Yard August 4, 2021

TERMINAL 30 HAS REACHED MAXIMUM CAPACITY IN OUR EMPTY YARD Every single active spot in our Empty Yard is physically full with the particular Line’s Size / Type that it currently holds. We do not have any more physical space that can be used to accommodate Empties without affecting or halting Vessel operations. Terminal 30 has no other choice but to limit acceptance into Yard Empty spaces, as they open and become available, one at a time. This means that carriers and drivers with empties to drop will have to wait for another driver to pick up an empty of the size and type they have before they can drop their empty off. This also means even longer wait times and some drivers could potentially could wait all day and still be turned at the end of the day. Drivers will also be turned at the Gate and at Trouble if and when we run out of space for them to safely wait at the Trouble area. We apologize for the inconvenience, Terminal 30 has simply physically run out Empty space.

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